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Sell Jewelry helps consumers find the best places to sell jewelry, and sell jewelry for more cash.  Whether you want to sell gold jewelry, silver jewelry or platinum jewelry can help you find reputable local jewelry buyers that will buy your jewelry for cash.  Simply enter your city or address in our jewelry buyer store finder to find the best local places to sell your jewelry for more cash.

Types of Jewelry to Sell for Cash:

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Tips to Sell Jewelry for More Cash:

  • ·   Know Your Jewelry.  Know what karat gold your jewelry is and how much it weighs. This will enable you to calculate the melt value of your items and will give you an idea of how much money you should expect. Do not let jewelry buyers weigh different karat items together.  Your items should be separated karat to ensure you’re getting a proper assessment.  The higher the karat value the higher the purity of gold in your jewelry.
  • ·   Avoid Online Jewelry Buyers & Temporary Jewelry Buyers.  Mail-in and online jewelry buyers can take weeks to get a quote, even longer to receive your payment, and they often pay far less than local jewelry buyers.  Reputable local jewelry buyers will provide you with a free quote and pay you cash for your jewelry immediately.  We strongly advise against mailing your jewelry to anybody.  Temporary gold-buyers and gold parties are just that, temporary.  There is not much incentive for them to treat you fairly or give you a good price for jewelry since they won’t be around long.  Find a good local jewelry buyer if you want to sell your gold jewelry for more cash.
  • ·   Find Reputable Local Jewelry Buyers. Reputation is important for local stores that buy jewelry. Local stores want to earn your repeat business and generate good word of mouth for their business.  Sell jewelry to a local store and you are likely to get more cash.  We compiled a list of over 3000 reputable jewelry buyers across the nation.  Enter your city, zipcode, or address in our store finder above to find out where to sell gold jewelry near you.
  • ·   Set Reasonable Expectations. Understand that no jewelry buyer is going to offer you the melt value for your items. Jewelry buyers typically sell the precious metals they purchase to refiners for less than market spot price value themselves. And, they have to pay expenses and overhead in order to provide consumers with this service.  You can typically expect to receive 40-70% of the gold spot price value.  Try to get the best deal you can, but keep this in mind when you sell jewelry
  • ·   Know the Gold Price. Gold prices change constantly. Jewelry buyers typically adjust the prices they will pay based on the daily market price of gold.  Check the daily price and Sell gold jewelry on a day when gold, silver and platinum prices are high, and you’re likely to get more cash.  Visit to check the current gold, silver and platinum market prices. 
  • ·   Understand the Evaluation Procedures. Jewelry buyers can use a few different types of testing methods to validate the authenticity and karat value of precious metals.  Some use acid testing, others use electronic testers.  Acid testing is considered more reliable and accurate than electronic testers.  Electronic testers can often misidentify karat content in gold, resulting in a lower payout for your jewelry.  We recommend selling your jewelry to stores that use the more accurate acid testing methods.
  • Compare Price Quotes. If you’re not sure you are getting a good offer, get more than one appraisal.  If you do your homework upfront to find a good local jewelry buyer, this may not be necessary.  However, it never hurts if you want to be sure your getting a fair amount of cash for your jewelry.
  • ·   Don’t be Afraid to Negotiate.  Jewelry buyers will often be willing to negotiate, especially local jewelry buyers.  Reputable jewelry buyers want you to walk away happy so that you will come back and spread the word to your family and friends.  They may be willing to give more cash for jewelry for this reason.  It may not work, but it never hurts to try.

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